Louder Than Life 2015

October 3 & 4 – Louisville, Kentucky

There wasn’t anything that could hinder the second annual Louder Than Life Festival from taking place. Rain or shine, the sold-out crowd of 50,000 ticket holders was going to get exactly what they paid for- an impressive rock music lineup, awarded Bourbons, and Gourmet Man Food.

Danny Wimmer Presents, a crew whose expertise is to launch innovative brand experiences, guaranteed that Louder Than Life wouldn’t be anything short of a grand-scale festival. Bands including ZZ Top, Rob Zombie, Lynard Skynard, and other legendary performers joined the party to perform on 3 main stages. NXT–a branch of WWE– set-up their wrestling ring  for a show of their own.  In addition to the live entertainment, over 70 food and beverage vendors were scattered throughout the grounds.

Label Industries’ role in this large-scale production was the construction of two main attractions at the festival- Bourbon World and the VIP Miller Lite Lounge.  The Label Industries crew crafted wooden exhibits in which festival-goers could eat, drink, and listen to the music

The main entrances were 20 feet tall by 20 feet wide and 200 feet of wood pallet slates served as the walls of the two massive tents. Twenty separate bars were built for beer and whiskey vendors to serve their products. To add to the pizazz, the Label crew used a blow-torch and paint to burn and design custom stencils into signs and barrel tops. 

After a rockin’ couple of days, The Label event crew wrapped up and headed on to the next destination: west coast. The crew is currently in California recreating this setup for AfterShock 2015.